China Securities (International) Finance Holding Company Limited (“CSCI”) is a overseas subsidiary of China Securities Co., Ltd(“CSC”). As a comprehensive investment bank, we provide a range of investment banking products and services to all kinds of enterprises, institutions and high-end clients through corporate financing, asset management, securities brokerage, investment research and so on. As the flagship of China Securities Co., Ltd to enter the international capital market, we have gathered a group of professionals with solid experience in banking, brokerage and asset management to provide strong support for your business and wealth growth.

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18/F, Two Exchange Square, Central, Hong Kong, China

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(+852) 3465 5600
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Warning Message to Fraud Alert

Recently, our company has received report that there are criminals conduct fraudulence actions in the so-called ‘P2F Financial Planning Project’ in the name of ‘China Securities (International)’ via instant messaging software and mobile phone applications. These criminals have posed as our company’s personnel with forged company's registration certificate, authorization certificate and forged APP interface.

Such fraudulence actions not only seriously damage our company’s reputation, but also infringes upon relevant investors’ property rights and interests. Hereby, our company solemnly declares as follows:


  1. Our company does not involve in and authorize any of the above fraudulence actions and P2F Financial Planning Project. The company's official website is The company has never engaged in such financial project promotion activities through any website, App, online platform, WeChat group or WeChat official account or other online/offline forms.


  1. Our company will cooperate with law enforcement authorities to investigate the above fraudulence actions in order to safeguard our reputation and legitimate rights and interests. Once verified, the company reserves the right to pursue the legal responsibility of the fraudster.


  1. Our company hereby solemnly reminds our customers and the general public, beware and stay alert of any fraud in the name of our company. If you have any doubts or enquiries, please email or call our customer service hotline at 400-1208-108, or report to law enforcement authorities immediately.

China Securities (International) Finance Holding Company Limited

Important Note: Latest Regulations for Complex Products[1] Trading Service (Effective from July 2019)

Dear Customer,

To comply with Hong Kong SFC’s latest regulations, starting from 6 July 2019, CSCI will take the following arrangements:

  1. CSCI will only provide investment recommendation service and complex products trading service to clients who have completed the risk profiling process; and
  2. CSCI will only provide derivative products (e.g. futures contract, option contract, warrant) trading services to clients who have completed derivative knowledge assessment and have been characterized as having derivative knowledge.

Please complete and return Investment Profile Due Diligence form to finish the procedure of risk profiling process and derivatives knowledge assessment; otherwise, you may not receive investment advisory services and trade complex and derivative products.

The online Investment Profile Due Diligence form can be accessed via our company website or CSCI Trading App. Our company website address:

You can also provide us the completed and formally signed Investment Profile Due Diligence form by post before 6 July 2019.

Our Office Address:
        China Securities (International) Brokerage Company Limited
        18/F, Two Exchange Square,
        Central, Hong Kong
        ATTN: Wealth Management and Brokerage Department

If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact your Relationship Manager or call our Service Hotline: 400-1208-108 / General Line: 3465-5600 for assistance.

Yours faithfully,
China Securities (International) Brokerage Company Limited

[1] Paragraph 5.5 of the Guidelines on Online Distribution and Advisory Platforms, A complex product is an investment product whose, terms, features and risks are not reasonably likely to be understood by a retail investor because of its complex structure.

According to the list of examples of Non-complex and complex products issued by SFC, complex products including but not limited to:

  • Derivatives traded on an exchange: Futures contracts, Equity derivatives (e.g., DWs, CBBCs and listed share options), Synthetic ETFs and futures-based ETFs, L&I products and etc.
  • Other complex products: Complex bonds (perpetual, subordinated or convertible bonds), derivative funds, hedge funds, SFC-authorized unlisted structured investment products (including SFC-authorized equity-linked deposits, equity-linked instruments/investments, etc.), other non-exchange-traded structured investment products, Security tokens and etc.